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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Serena Williams Wardrobe Malfunction

Aside from being a little more than crass Serena Williams, the focus of today's Wardrobe Malfunction, is one fugly monkey. All the same, Serena William did suffer a Wardrobe Malfunction and as is everything in the Internet, everyone seems to be searching for the Serena Williams Wardrobe Malfuction photo's. That being said, who are we to deny the masses pictures of the Serena Williams Wardrobe Malfunction. To the left, we see a previous Serena Williams Wardrobe Malfunction, of sorts, where with the assistance of a magnifying glass, you can play Serena Williams' proctologist.

Now this is the most recent Serena Williams Wardrobe Malfunction I could find online. I guess there seems to be something with celebrities and their bathing suits. I'm thinking there is some publicity trainer out there who teaches these celebrities how to best take advantage of stepping out of the water. Effective Wardrobe Malfunction techniques, if you will. After all, what better way to draw attention away from the record $82,500 fine and given a three year ban from Flushing Meadows for the threats Serena Williams directed at a line judge who foot-faulted her during her semi-final against Kim Clijsters at the US Open. Tit for Tat, perhaps.

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